Temptasia - Bling Cuffs - Silver

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It’s role play night, now assume the position because it’s time to get just a little naughty! How about the night that you arrest him and tell your lover to spread their legs while you playfully and seductively lock ’em up with these sexy cuffs? You can adjust each cuff to ensure a comfortable fit and experience for the wearer.

With the locks on both cuffs, each containing a safety release lever and a set of two working keys, these sexy cuffs are a great way to ad fun to your bedroom or anywhere you have play time! The matching keys work for both locks, so give one to your lover and tuck another in your jewelry box for safekeeping. Enjoy these role play nights! You can go back to having the right to remain silent about them after and you and your lover can enjoy this naughty secret! Cuffs are made from sturdy, nickel free stainless steel. Fully adjustable. Safety release lever on both cuffs. 2 keys included.

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