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Manufacturer: You2toys

Two finger sleeves with dots on the surface. Pink and black. 8 cm long, Ø 2 cm. Material: PVC, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH

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Professional dance pole consisting of three connectable pieces and an attachment device for the ceiling. Can carry loads up to 120 kg. Including German and English instructions, an English DVD with excersises and a convenient transport and storage bag

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Speculum, millega saad detailse ülevaate. Valmistatud roostevabast terasest, varustatud vedruga, kruviga reguleeritav käepideme pikkus 10cm max sisenemissügavus 7,0cm kõige laiem avamine 3cm diameeter ca 6cm

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Manufacturer: California Exotic

Anal and vaginal irrigation device

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This glove is the ideal glove for hairdresser, beauticians, tattooists, caterers and trend chefs.It has good grip an is chlorinated on the inside to prevent allergic reactions. Black Ninja, Latex, powder-free, non-sterile, approx. 240mm in length, light-abrasive textured surface, external polymer coating, AQL 1.5, CE-standard – suitable for medical...

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Manufacturer: Cleanstream

 Load it up and shoot it out, it is as simple as that! The XL One Shot Lubricant Launcher is designed for one-handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the launcher with whatever liquid you want and inject with one simple thrust. 

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Deluxe red velvet storage bag where you can keep your personal pleaser when not in use. Size: 30 cm x 12 cm.

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High-quality protective covers for hygienic use of toys and dildos. Transparent. Not covered in lubricant. Teat-ended. Made out of natural rubber latex. 20 cm long, 5.1 cm wide. Pack of 20 (individually wrapped). Important: They are NOT condoms, they CANNOT be used as contraceptive! 

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Manufacturer: pipedream

Shoot your lube precisely where you want it and ensure even more comfortable anal sex with the EZ-Lube Shooter! This phallic-shaped syringe holds up to 30mL of your favorite liquid and once you push down on the plunger, the liquid of your choice will flow from the opening of the plastic dildo into any orifice you penetrate!

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 This battery is packed with quality and power. Alkaline AAA (LR03) long life batteries (1.5V, 900 mAh). Suitable for vibrators and other battery operated love toys. 4pcs blister.

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Ideal tool for exciting doctor plays! This speculum provides deep insights to your partner's inside! It's fantastic and unbelievable...

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Transparent vaginal speculum made of firm and slippery material. Blades open up to 12cm. With engaging barrier. Free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH.

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Manufacturer: Sextreme

 The speculum made out of stainless steel (polished outside and matte inside) is opened and adjusted using the screw at the side. Blade length 10.5 cm, blade width 4 cm. Opens up to approx. 10 cm.

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Manufacturer: Sextreme

Ava, mida soovid - nt oma ligipääsi suule ja kurgule... Avatav kuni 4,5cm. Laius (liigendist liigendini) ca 13 cm Materjal: roostevaba teras, matt

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"This Sex Toy belongs to the BESTSELLER Line created by Toyz4Lovers: the best products ever sold from MSX Distribution Srl. The vaginal retractor is an instrument that was created for gynecological use in medical field but, designed with a lighter and malicious optic, it can become a valuable accessory to live the erotic play facilitating any type of...

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Kaelamassör mõnusaks kaela ja seljapiirkonna mudimiseks

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